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All Coda’s plastic manufacturing takes place in the UK at our BRCGS A+ rated facility. Using a BRCGS A+ rated facility guarantees the quality, safety and integrity of your packaging or product. Coda Plastics sales team will support you at every stage of the production process, from your initial enquiry through to manufacture and delivery.

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Manufacturing processes

Injection moulding

A versatile technique that is used to create a wide range of plastic parts and components. The process involves injecting molten plastic material into a mould cavity under high pressure before cooling and solidifying it to form the desired shape.

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Injection blow moulding

Injection blow moulding is a two step process ideal for creating small plastic containers with complex necks such as a roll-on deodorant bottle. In the first part of the process, plastic is injected into a mould. In the second phase, air is injected to inflate the plastic to the desired shape.

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Extrusion blow moulding

A manufacturing process used to produce plastic packaging - primarily bottles, containers and jars in HDPE, PP and LDPE. Plastic resin is melted and extruded into a tube shape. Compressed air is then blown in, forcing the plastic to expand to the shape of the mould.

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Stretch blow moulding

Producing plastic bottles, containers and jars with high clarity. Stretch blow moulding is a technique that is commonly used to manufacture PET plastic bottles that will contain beverages and personal care products.

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