Reasons to Choose a UK-Based Plastics Manufacturer

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A UK company or start up investigating its options for plastic packaging manufacture could well be tempted by an ostensibly cheaper unit price being offered by companies operating from abroad. However, there are other factors at play that mean choosing a UK-based plastic manufacturer could ultimately prove to be the more sensible choice and may even end up saving you money.

Import disruption post-Brexit

Since the UK left the European Union, delays and issues with importing goods from the EU have been reported in all sectors. This causes the biggest headache for importers of perishable items such as foods and medicines. But if your packaging is delayed by bureaucracy, this could affect your ability to fulfil orders which can lead to contractual disputes with the organisations that stock your products.

Using a UK-based manufacturer eliminates these risks by keeping production and delivery within the same country.

Compliance with UK regulations

UK plastic manufacturers are required to follow specific regulations, such as the Plastics Packaging Tax. Working with a UK-based manufacturer simplifies compliance with these regulations. We can either incorporate Post Consumer Recycled plastics to the required percentage where the tax is no longer applicable, or we can calculate and apply your liability into the unit price with no further administration required by you.

If you are importing plastic that is not eligible to be taxed, then the onus to prove that it is not will be on you. If the tax is applicable on your import, then you will have to calculate the amounts owed, carry out due diligence and register to pay the duty to the UK government.

Shorter lead times and lower shipping costs

Sourcing plastic packaging from within the UK reduces transportation times and distances, quicker deliveries should mean a faster turnaround on your commitments and potentially lower shipping costs to factor into your overheads.

Quality and traceability

UK manufacturers have a strong reputation for quality and we adhere to strict safety and labour welfare standards. Having a UK manufacturer allows for traceability of the materials used in the production of your packaging. Using our BRCGS A+ rated facilities guarantees the quality, safety and integrity of your packaging or product.

Easier communication

When both parties to a transaction share a native tongue, there is less chance for an error or misunderstanding to occur. And it can be quicker to get mistakes corrected or orders altered when your working day coincides with your manufacturing partner’s office hours so you’re not waiting for their time zone to catch up!

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