Our Versatile 28/410 Fliptop Cap Is a Perfect Fit for Your Bottled Products

Our Versatile 28/410 Fliptop Cap Is a Perfect Fit for Your Bottled Products

The 28/410 fliptop cap is a popular choice for a reason. Our versatile Polypropylene closure offers a combination of functionality and style, making it ideal for a wide range of applications in the Personal Care, Home Care and Health Care sectors.

Designed for Performance and Aesthetics

The 28/410 fliptop cap is manufactured from durable Polypropylene, ensuring strength and longevity. The design incorporates several features that enhance both usability and appearance:

  • Matt finished ribs provide extra grip for easy opening and closing, even with wet hands.
  • Gloss lid adds a touch of sophistication and a high-quality finish to your product.
  • 4mm orifice is perfect for dispensing a controlled flow of lotions, creams, and other viscous products.
  • Durable active hinge and positive snap lid guarantee a secure and reliable seal every time.

Compatibility and Customisation

The 28/410 fliptop cap's versatility extends to its compatibility. It seamlessly fits many standard 28/410 neck finishes, including these popular choices from Coda plastics’ standard range:

  • Ultra - 28/410 Neck (available in 500ml & 1L sizes)
  • Tall Boston - 28/410 neck (250ml size)

Coda Plastics can also manufacture bespoke bottles with neck dimensions specifically designed to fit the 28/410 fliptop closure, ensuring a perfect match for your unique needs.

Available in a Range of Colours

The 28/410 fliptop cap is available in natural Polypropylene, but that's not all. Coda Plastics offers a variety of colours to choose from, allowing you to match your existing branding or create a distinctive look for your product. We can even provide colour matching to your specific requirements.

The Perfect Choice for Plastic Packaging

With its versatility, functionality, and stylish design, the 28/410 fliptop cap is a valuable addition to your product packaging. Coda Plastics Ltd is a trusted manufacturer based in Norfolk, UK, and we’re offering this exceptional closure alongside a range of compatible bottles and customisation options.

Contact Coda Plastics today to discuss your plastic packaging requirements and see how the 28/410 fliptop cap can elevate your product presentation. You can call us on +44 1692 501020 or email sales@coda-plastics.co.uk to discuss your options.

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